What our clients are saying...


"It's just too easy to do it any other way!" 

- Roy Christensen, Christensen Audiology Wedgewood

"Try it for a month, and you'll love it!" 

- Roy Christensen, Chrisensen Audiology Wedgewood

"I would definitely recommend [Taken to the Cleaners], they are priced competitively and have great service both."

- Eric Olsen, Honda of Lincoln Wilderness Ridge

"Why is Taken to the Cleaners better? I get it back the next day" 

- Eric Olsen, Honda of Lincoln Wilderness Ridge

"It's so convenient and the quality is excellent." 

- Lisa White, State Farm Taylor Meadows

Not only does the service save me time and money, the customer ALWAYS comes first - I love that!!!

Rick Self, Rick Self State Farm Agency Lincolnshire